The access and/or use of this website and our services are subject to the following terms:

1. Trading Targets service is designed to provide real time information regarding price objectives for various assets across different markets, but it is not a technical indicator.

2. By acquiring one of our subscription packs, the customer will have access to short and medium term objectives registered during market hours by our proprietary algorithm VTS, which is exclusively owned and has been solely developed by BOAlliance.

3. The information provided by Trading Targets service is intended to be used as a tool to manage the risk/reward ratio in trading activities, but Trading Targets does not guarantee a successful result or performance for the customers.

4. No representation is being made that any customer will or is likely to achieve profit derived from its trade activities while using Trading Targets services. If a customer suffers a loss in its trades, it is his loss completely, and yet the customer is liable to pay the subscription pack fee.

5. No refund will apply for Monthly Subscriptions to our services.

6. Since the service implies access to real time information, Trading Targets is not liable for the delay o problems related to internet connection of the customer or the device used by the customer to access out website.

7. Trading Targets does not apply any automatic renewal fee. After the period of the service contracted has finished, the subscription pack validity will end and the customerĀ“s account will automatically expire. If the customer is interested in renewing the service, he or she must purchase one of the subscription packs offered through our website.

8. The customer agrees to use our website and services only for lawful purposes and in a way that does not infringe any law or rights, in any jurisdiction, or in a way that may restrict or preclude its use by third parties.

9. All intellectual property on our website and the materials and information it contains (including but not limited to copyright, designs, database rights and trademarks, whether registered or unregistered), is and will be solely of the property of Trading Targets.

10. Trading Targets does not authorize any commercial use or publication of all or part of the information available on our website, or the information to which the customer will have access by purchasing a subscription pack.

11. Trading Targets reserves the right to modify or update this Terms of Service at any time without notice.