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The real edge in trading comes from risk management

The biggest edge comes from managing your Risk/Reward (Ratio) in every trade. Simply put make sure you risk far less than what you're trying to obtain. It sounds very logical but in practice it's quite difficult since it's all based on expectations. The easiest decision is to calculate your risk in any trade since it's a known decision based on your trading strategy or your own Risk Profile. But the real struggle lies in assessing the profits. What if you could evaluate the size of a market movement before it happens could you then measure the potential profits available for a trade decision? If you could know beforehand one or several specific Market Levels to use as targets you could then make a sound Risk Management decision.

This service is designed to provide real-time information regarding Price Objectives for many assets across different markets. The subscriber will have access to short and medium term objectives registered during market hours by our Proprietary System VTS. It really provides a unique advantage for traders and portfolio Managers by identifying with extreme precision the levels that the market will inevitably reach at some point in time. If you know where the market should be heading you could position yourself in order to maximize the potential profit of any market movement.

Ultimately by knowing the level that the market should reach you automatically know where your target should be thus you can actually make a sound risk/reward decision.

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The market is governed by the process of accumulation and distribution by the Institutional Money. If they want to take it lower or higher they should accumulate short or long positions to fulfill their purpose. Institutional players are interested in doing business in some areas more than others and so consequently the market will eventually move toward those areas of great interest. The reason behind it is that the market needs to balance itself in order to move from an area to the next. Those areas of great interest become &ldquoImbalanced Areas" where the institutional player will have great interest of doing business before moving to the next one. This System tracks this process of accumulation and distribution giving you a specific price where the market will return to.

- This information should be used as a tool it will give you a new edge or improve an existing one
- It is not a technical indicator the information provided is aimed to improve your Risk to Reward Ratio
- It can be used as an Added Value Filter