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Trading targets provides a unique advantage for traders and portfolio Managers, by identifying with extreme precision the levels that the market will inevitably reach at some point in time. The user will be able to focus on Risk Management which is the main real trading advantage.
We offer a 15 days free trial, giving you the opportunity to try our service by selecting one asset of your preference. Once the free trial is over, you'll need to upgrade to one of our subscription offers to be able to continue with the service.
You can join in two ways: Our Free Trial mode or our subscription offers; you simply have to choose one and go along with the process, until you receive an email from our support team explaining how to access the service.
We offer a variety of customizable subscriptions to choose from, it all depends on how many assets you want to track and how long you need the service for.
The TT Packs offer real benefits to our clients, the bigger the Pack the better the price. There are other advantages such as: getting free assets and the possibility of exchanging them on a monthly basis.
Yes. You have the option to purchase 1, 3 or 6 months. If you need a specific time, you'll need to contact us by email, making the request.
We don't have that option in our web page, but you can contact us through email and will extend the possibility to do so, and explain the conditions for it.
Although VTS can be applied to any market asset, we're offering right now:

You can review more in our What is VTS? section.
Yes. You can request the information by emailing us in the “contact us page”.
We run our VTS proprietary algorithm on a daily basis for every asset we offer.
The revenue will depend on the size or your account and volume you trade. This service is not directly aimed at generating more revenue it is geared to improve your risk management, thus maximizing the amount of money you make, while minimizing with the amount of money you risk. The real improvement will be reflected on your trading stats like Profit Factor or Average Winning Trade VS Average Losing Trade.
It depends on the volatility of the market, but on normal conditions, on a daily basis you should receive anywhere from 1 to 5 trading objectives per asset.
Merithum, our auditors, have review the accuracy of VTS for the past 3 years and continue to do so on a daily basis. You can review these results in our Backing Data section.
It all depends on what you consider to be a swing trading objective, but some of the levels will be reached within a few days and evidently will offer bigger profit potential.
We do not encourage the use of any particular instrument, but it is possible to use options to profit from our service.
We believe that any trading strategy will benefit from a risk management improvement, and this service targets that specific area. The best way of using this service comes from managing your Risk/Reward (Ratio) in every trade. Simply put, make sure you risk is far less than what you're trying to obtain. Also check out our tutorial documents.
The service is not a method itself, it's really a valuable information to improve your Risk Management in every trade you make.
We have designed a Customer Support area, with different methods to do so. If you can't find your particular answer, please email our support staff for punctual assistance.
Yes, we do; in fact we started this service for corporate Customers years before launching the Trading Targets Service which is designed specifically for individual Traders. If you are interested in a Corporate Solution you can contact us by mail, and we'll get back to you to provide a Tailored Free Trial.
At this point we're covering some of the US Markets, but we'll be soon extending our service to additional ones.


You should contact our support team through our email.
If you no longer wish to subscribe to the service, you simply let the subscription expire. You are under no obligation to renew each month or the period you have selected. If under any subscription period you do not wish to renew, you simply let the subscription period expire. We don't have an auto renewing mechanism, we rely on you making the payment through Pay Pal.
Yes, we use PAYPAL, so we don't use your personal or financial information for any purpose.
No, we only use Pay Pal, so we can ensure the security of our customers's financial information.
You should contact our support team for assistance, so we can resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Any connection that supports an online application should suffice.
Yes, this ensures the security of all our customers.
You can retrieve it any time by using the forgot you password link. You need to have at hand your personal information to complete this process.
If that were the case, it would imply that everyone would react to our information and that direct impact on the market would be registered by our system creating another Targeted Level as accurate as the one before. In any case, we're taking into account every variable and since we're being constantly audited, we can certify our service results.
Yes, taxes are included in the subscription Price.


Trading Targets is a service offered by BO ALLIANCE. Refer to "The Reality Behind Trading Targets" section or go directly to our corporate page
Our service has been around for a couple of years as a corporate solution, but in light of the number of requests we have received, we're now offering as a retail service.
The service will be available as long as the market is open. We're basing our service schedule around US holidays.